What is HotJS?

HotJS is a web game/app framework, mainly for mobile, but also works on PC.

Using javascript & HTML5 Canvas.

Target OS: Android / iOS / WP

Target browser: Chrome / Safari / Firefox / Opera / IE.



Gomoku (with smart AI)

Snooker (swipe the screen to shoot ball)

Physics Gravity (try dragging and throwing balls)

Physics Collision (click #1, #2, #3 button)

Benchmark (click start / stop button)

Color Show Board (swip the screen, or drag/drop balls)


Animate (frame rate: 25)

Example Code

var viewX = (new hotjs.View())
var room = (new hotjs.Physics.Scene())
		.setSize(w, h)
		.setBgImage(false, resources.get('img/room.jpg'))
		.setRestitution( 0.4 )
		.addTo( viewX );
var ball = (new hotjs.Physics.Ball())
		.setDensity(hotjs.Physics.Constant.AIR_DENSITY * 0.7)
		.setRestitution( 0.6 )
		.setPos(x + b.size[0]/2, room.height()/2)
		.addTo( room );